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Friday, November 13, 2009

Who Doesn't Scream for Ice Cream!

God, I freaking LOVE ice cream. In my S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) days I could eat an entire carton of ice cream on my OWN. Gross, I know, right? It's ok, call me a pig, because I totally was. My love affair with ice cream runs deep and it's creamy coolness is one of my ultimate comfort foods.

These days, I like to treat myself with Coconut Bliss or Agave Nectars cashew or coconut based ice creams instead of the puss-filled diary variety. (That was supposed to make you squimish by the way.) It takes every fiber of my being NOT to eat an entire pint when I buy it. Luckily, I often have someone to share it with!

In my Bikram yoga class today, as I was sweating my life away in standing head to knee pose, the chilly goodness of raw ice cream began to call my name. Huzzah for intutition, I remembered I had frozen some over ripe bananas yesterday! But whatever is an ice cream loving girl to do without her trusty ice cream maker! (It was one of the few appliances I parted with when we moved here to California. My future mother-in-law is taking very good care of it for me though!) Ah, the food processor. So I whipped up this ultra-guilt free banana ice cream that is sitting in my freezer as we speak waiting to be eatin!

Banana-Vanilla Ice Creame :
As many frozen bananas as you got!
1 T vanilla
2 T mesquite powder
2 T lacuma powder
1 handful of Trader Joe's freeze dried banana chips
1 pinch of nutmeg
1 pinch of cinnamon

Blend in the food processor until all ingredients begin to combine to a thick, creamy, consistency. Keep checking it. You want it to be REALLY thick so do not add any water or nut mylk. It should look just like soft serve coming out of a machine. I put mine back in the freezer because I wasn't going to eat it right away, but it is ready to eat right away Totally de-lish, totally guilt free!

I plan on eating my ice cream with some choco-avo pudding tonight with some chopped nanners on top!

(Picture courtesy of myrecipes.com -- would have posted my own, but my camera seems to be out of batteries at the moment. oppsy!)

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