Our idea of what constitutes "food" in American culture has become so skewed that it is almost unrecognizable. Our supermarkets are packed with products whose ingredients include unpronounceable chemicals, dyes, bacteria, and growth hormones. They are irradiated without our consent and contain GMOs.It's time to bring back FOOD. Pure unadulterated organic RAW food.This blog is a documentation of my continuing journey on a plant-based lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Raw Food Nerd, Holiday Edition

It's about that time, the holiday season is officially upon us and that means holiday parties where the temptation to eat foods that are filled with butter, salt, oil, and various unsavory animal products will be at an all time high.

Save yourself, don't make eye-contact with the beautifully decorated sugar cookies and best stay clear of the yule log. They're bad news bears!

But, really, there is no need to stress; It's entirely possible to maintain your healthy lifestyle while still being able to socialize and enjoy the festivities! You just have to know how to navigate the scene and come prepared!

And the best way to do that is to bring foods that suit your own dietary needs that you can also share with others! (This is also a fun way to show skeptics how versatile and delicious eating raw/vegan can be without having to be preachy..)

Here are three sweet, high raw vegan treats and a delicious, colorful 801010 salad that you can take to any party!

I'm a sucker for persimmons. I love that they are crisp and fresh with a sweet caramel, toffee, sugary ooey gooey-ness. Seriously, I look forward to persimmon season all year. And in California I can get them by the box from the LA Wholesale Market for as little as $17! (For those unfamiliar, persimmons average about .99 cents per pound from the Asian Markets in LA, but can average any where from .69 cents to $2.99 per persimmon depending on the store. I'd like to keep my wallet intact so by the box, wholesale style is how I roll.)

Festive Persimmon Salad w. Spicy Persimmon & Sun-dried Tomato Dressing
2-3 ripe persimmons
leafy green mix 
baby cucumbers, sliced thin 
cherry or grape tomatoes, halved 
chopped chive 
chopped leek
2 ripe tomatoes or 1 cup cherry tomatoes
1/2 orange/red/ or yellow bell pepper
1 green onion 
1-2 persimmons
1/2 cup soaked, oil-free/unsulfured/salt-free sun dried tomatoes
small knob of ginger (to your preference) 
1-2 slices from your favorite hot pepper (go easy, you can always add more spice if you want!) 

Blend your dressing until smooth. Taste and adjust spice if need be. Pour over salad upon time of arrival if you desire to place on the side and allow others to dole out the dressing on their own. 

Date Truffles

1 lb. fresh, organic wet-packed dates 
 3 drops of Stevia Sweetleaf Drops (choose your favorite flavor, mine is Hazelnut and Peppermint!) 
1 cup of coconut sugar 

I have a vitamix so I just toss all my ingredients into the vitamix and use the tamper to push everything into the blades until it looks like the consistency of frosting.

Sweetleaf Liquid Stevia Drops are the secret to scrumptious ooey-gooey date truffles. They add heaps of flavor without the addition of funky preservatives or additives. Stevia is completely natural and plant-derived so it won't spike your blood sugar and has, in fact, been shown to lower blood sugar. Thus making it a great sugar alternative for diabetics! It is very sweet so a little goes a long way. These have become essential in my kitchen! 
If you happen to not have a vitamix, using a food processor is an equally successful method.
Transfer to a bowl and begin rolling out your date batter into little-medium sized balls. 
Roll in coconut, carob powder, or more coconut sugar 

P.S. These will go fast, so snag a few for yourself before they are gobbled up!

Coconut Almond Butter Cookie Cups
1 1/2 cups of Coconut flakes 
No-salt almond butter
1 cup of Chia seeds
1 cup of Dried mulberries
2 1/2 cups of organic dates 
1/2 cup raw pecans 
1/2 cup of raw walnuts
Dash of cinnamon 
Dash of nutmeg 

In the food processor combine pecans, walnuts, chia seeds, 1 cup of the coconut flakes, cinnamon, and  nutmeg. Pulse until ingredients have the consistency of flour. Add in dried mulberries and dates. Pulse blend until well-combined and ingredients come together as a ball of "dough". Shape into cookie form, top with almond butter and coconut flakes. 
I put mine into cupcake holders for easy transport! You can even "roll" these out, so to speak, and use holiday cookie cutters! 

And lastly, who doesn't LOVE a chocolate pudding? That's right, no one. Chocolate pudding knows no age! This pudding in particular happens to be raw, high carb, with a bit of warming spices to make this especially festive! (I also used carob powder instead of cacao because cacao contains theobromine which acts as a stimulate in your body and creates toxicity. It also stresses the adrenal glands. Too much and the reaction is similar to a caffeine high. Some may find this beneficial during the holiday season as a means of 'powering through', but I find it dangerous and unnecessary. A little bit won't kill you, but people tend to overdo it during the holiday season and it's a much better option to snack on some dates then go crazy with some chocolate, raw or not. Plus, dates are a great source of dietary fibre and rich in the minerals manganese and potassium. They are naturally low in fat and full of antioxidants! Can I get a hell yeah for dates?!)

Below is my favorite brand of dates which can be ordered from the Bautista Family at www.7hotdates.com They sell them wet-packed, which means fresh - they are of the highest quality, organic, and utterly incredible. 

No-Chocolate Chocolate Spiced Pudding
1 lb of organic dates, pitted
1 cup of carob powder 
2-3 drops Chocolate-flavored Sweetleaf Stevia 
3-4 ripe (spotty) bananas 
water from 1 young thai coconut 
In a high-speed blender combine all the ingredients from above except for the cayenne. Add coconut water only if necessary as you want it to be thick like a stove top pudding. Blend until ingredients are fully combined and the result is a very thick mixture. If you want your pudding to be thicker add more dates. Now add in your spices, only adding a pinch of cayenne at a time so as not to overpower the pudding. Blend again and taste to make sure your desired spice level has been reached. 
Set in a bowl and leave in the fridge, covered, to rest for a few hours or overnight.

Hopefully these sweet treats will keep you satisfied at any party you attend this holiday season!

Stay tuned for my holiday e-book which will be coming out shortly where you can find these and other recipes like them!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Unlimited Calorie Mentality

As I mentioned in my last post, eating a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle does not automatically correlate to sacrifice. So, I figured, I would show you how a high carb, low fat, plant-based vegan gets down by posting my general eats.

Now, let me be clear, I'm tall (5"7') but, I'm quiet lean weighing in at no more than 110 lbs of pure muscle. However, I can pack it away, often to the shock of other people who simply don't know WHERE all that food goes!

I can assure you that I eat more food in one sitting than my husband. And I probably eat more calories in a meal then some people eat in a whole day.

On a high carb lifestyle, calorie consumption is of upmost importance. And I personally eat an upwards of 3,000 calories a day (primarily coming from sweet fruit), never, ever calorie restricting. I eat until I am full and satisfied and I don't have to moderate my intake or feel guilty about anything I eat.

*Just to note, all these meals follow proper food combining and are salt and oil free.*

Every morning without question I always drink at least 16 oz. or more of distilled water. I do this to flush out my system after a full night of detoxing, regenerating, and healing. It also hydrates my muscles and gets me energized and ready to work out! Sometimes I add some lemon, which is especially good for removing toxins from the body and also functions as an electrolyte.

After I workout, which either involves me going to Bikram Yoga or running & taking a spin class, I always re-fuel with a juicy, mono-meal. Mono-meal, meaning I eat only one type of fruit until I can't eat anymore. I am melon apologist of the highest order. I love love LOVE honeydew and golden melon. I can effectively count on both hands the days where I have not had some type of melon this year. In the summer, watermelon aptly becomes apart of this wonderous rotation.

When I am eating melon, I usually eat anywhere between 2-3 melons depending on the size. And I will generally eat one whole watermelon on my own.

 My next meal functions as what I like to call 'linner' which is a mash up of lunch and dinner, i.e. late lunch + early dinner. I don't like to eat at night because it makes me feel groggy and bloated the next day. Eating early ensures that my food is completely digested before I go to sleep and thus, I sleep more soundly at night. Also, my body can do what it was intended to do while I sleep, and that's remove toxins and heal versus having to focus on digesting my meal.

That being said, my linner meals are quite large, very high carb. I always make sure to carb-up with a large amount of fruit before I move onto the savory part of my linner - whether it be salad, zucchini pasta, or a savory stew.

Cucumbers w. Mango Herb Dressing + Arugula 

Cucumber Pasta with Peach Nectarine & Heirloom Tomato Salasa

Romaine lettuce, Cucumbers, Grapes w. Lemon Dill Tahini Dressing

 Zucchini Pasta w. Sun Dried Tomato & Nectarine Sauce

Butter Leaf Lettuce Fruitful Salad w. Blueberries & Mango-Cilantro Dressing
(I indulged in that perfectly ripe pile of bananas to the left before I ate this salad! Incorporating fruit INTO my salad is like getting two for the price of one, as i'm able to make sure I carb up AND get my greens in, satisfying my sweet tooth and getting my minerals!) 

Mango & Heirloom Tomato Salad w. Spring Mix, Mint,& Basil 
Two Different Mango-based dressings: Mango-Celery Sage & Mango-Tomato w. Pomegranate mixed in for added crunch!

 Sometimes, I like to just have a dinner entirely composed of sweet fruits. In the warmer months that most definitely means I am eating bowls and bowls of fruit-based ice creams. I have written extensively about my fruity ice creams on this blog so I won't get into too much detail here. These are delicious and loved by all. I have found that desserts are the best way to introduce omnivores to a plant-based lifestyle - it's familiar, approachable, and everybody loves sweets!

Mango-Banana Ice & Papaya-Banana-Date-Cinnamon Ice Cream
 topped with Passion Fruit & Pomegranates 

As I mentioned above my "Linner" falls into the late lunch/early dinner category, so by the time dinner actually does roll around I'm usually still not hungry, but more so I crave calories of the liquid variety aka i'm thirsty! As a particularly active person I like to make sure I am topping off my calorie intake so at night I usually go for high-quality juice like Lakewood Organics. Their Pineapple Juice is my absolute favorite! Each bottle is 4 servings and each serving is 120 calories so in one bottle I get nearly 500 calories, huzzah! Not to mention, this juice contains no added junk, it's strictly pineapple juice that has been fresh pressed and the fiber from organic pineapple! In addition, pineapple is notoriously excellent for digestion and it's even better in juice form! Obviously, juicing your own pineapple is numero uno, but I am more concerned with not allowing myself to be under-carbbed than I am with the fact that this was pasteurized; high quality juice is a perfectly acceptable option!

Lakewood Organic Fresh Pressed Pure Pineapple Juice 

Another one of my go-to nightly drinks is fresh squeezed orange juice. There is nothing more satisfying then drinking OJ you juiced yourself- the taste and quality are second to none. I typically juice about five lbs of oranges, give or take depending on their size, which is generally enough to fill my 32 oz Vitamix carafe. OJ is a potent blend of vitamins and a remarkable immune booster. It helps cleanse the body of toxins and when juiced in this way the fiber remains intact so as to aid in cleaning out the system. I love love love orange juice, but don't be confused-- not all OJ is the same. Tropicana and conventional OJ often contains animal by-product in the added form of Vitamin C they use to fortify it. And because their OJ typically comes from oranges that are picked before they were ripe, it tends to be very acidic; both in taste and inside the body. However, while ripe oranges, and fresh pressed juice as shown here are actually alkaline once inside the body.

Fresh-Squeezed Organic Orange Juice

My last and final example, and shhh, don't tell the others - but, my favvvvorite, is raw cane [sugar] juice! You have not lived unless you have tasted this delightful, refreshing, sweet bottle of liquid gold. Cane Juice is actually considered a grass so it totally counts as a green juice! ::high five:: I like to get mine frozen and let it thaw halfway and then I blend the frozen juice with the thawed juice and it's like drinking a very indulgent milkshake. I believe it the ultimate cravings buster. It's also great for pre and post-run fueling! For a more complete description of all the amazing benefits of drinking cane juice click here!

Organic Raw Cane Juice

So there you go, a SMALL sampling of the food I typically consume on a plant-based lifestyle. From my perspective, this is not limiting at all. I believe in eating food that makes me feel like my best self and plants (fruits and vegetables, high carb/low fat) is the way to go if you want to feel like your BEST self too! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vegan Pizza FTW

 When people commit to a plant-based lifestyle they assume that sacrifice is inevitable. They believe that teeth-gritting will-power will be a necessity; how else will they manage to power through sans their favorite disease-inducing foods like pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream? The horizon looks bleak, marred by restriction, social anxiety (or fear of missing out), and tasteless rabbit food.

Hey, i'm all for rabbit food - lettuce, carrots, delish! Buuut, if you were to tell me that those were to be the two staples of my diet, I might just cry...no, I can promise you I would sob uncontrollably and be inconsolable for quite some time. Nobody wants to be reduced to carrots and lettuce, that I am sure!

Fortunately, this fear-based ideology surrounding the plant-based diet (surely bolstered by the meat and diary industry who desperately want you to believe the aforementioned in addition to the fact that you will without a doubt develop an array of deficiencies and become malnourished) is a bunch of nonsense! Plants are the most usable and absorbable proteins for the human body and with such an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at our disposal, the body is able to get ALL the micro and macro-nutrients it needs from plants alone!

Yes, switching to this type of lifestyle DOES take commitment, but it's all in how you approach it. When I talk to people about adopting a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle I like to remind them that it isn't and never will be about RESTRICTION but, instead, SUBSTITUTION!

Once that negative, doubting frame of mind is ousted - the possibilities are endless!

For example, my husband's favorite vegan and non-vegan junk food was and is, you guessed it: Pizza.

I have watched him eat entire pizzas himself, nay, multiple pizzas. Pre-vegan he could polish off boxes of Red Baron Bagel Bites without blinking an eye. During college he was known to make late night calls to Dominos and order a large pizza and bread sticks for.him.self. and eat the entire thing. This year during the Los Angeles Pizza Crawl he ate vegan pizza from dawn 'til dusk, in various thicknesses, with and without cheese - and at the end of the day he still wanted more.

To please him with homemade pizza, one that is high carb, low fat with no oil or salt is a daunting task. Especially since he is bananas for Diaya cheese (which is really just creatively solidified fat + color).  And i've been promising to wow him with my Cheese-Less Bombin' Veg Pizza for a looong time.

At Whole Foods I found a great gluten-free pizza crust that was made from just brown rice and water called Nature's Hilights. This meant I was able to switch out a crust that otherwise would have contained wheat, yeast, oil, and added sodium. And it's always a plus when you can find products that have a short ingredient list because it means they are less processed.

Next, I bought a BPA-free can of Bionature no salt added tomatoes. It is important to look for low or no-salt when you are buying canned tomatoes. Tomatoes are salty by nature so added salt is really unnecessary and often takes away from the great flavor imparted by all your toppings.

I crushed up the tomatoes by hand, added chopped fresh basil. parsley, thyme, and 1 teaspoon of onion powder.

Then I prepared my veggies! Feel free to make this as simple or as complex as you desire. Get creative and a little adventurous.

A good tip for parents or adult picky eaters: introduce new and different tastes in vehicles that eaters will be familiar with. This will make them less hesitant to try it because they already know, for example, what pizza crust tastes like even if say, this is the first time they are trying red bell pepper. 

 I topped Kevin's pizza with organic mushrooms, artichokes, & red bell pepper. The crust needs to be fully defrosted first and the oven pre-heated to 500 degrees. I popped it in for 10 minutes before I put the toppings on just to make sure it was cooked all the way through. Then I covered it in sauce and veggies and put it back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes; occasionally checking to make sure it didn't burn.

 The result? A masterpiece of rustic deliciousness! #humblebrag The crust, according to my pizza savant of a husband, was crispy along the edges and chewy towards the center, kind of like wood-fired pizza lending itself perfectly to the gently roasted veggies from the saltiness in the tomatoes to the sweetness of the pepper, effectively complimented by the fresh herbs. Despite its cheese-less nature he was satisfied and in true Kevin fashion processed to demolish BOTH pizzas!

Tell me there is even a HINT of sacrifice here! I dare you!

*Bionature picture and Nature's Hilight Pizza Crust Picture from Google Images

Thursday, October 3, 2013

#Respect The Chemistry

Yes, I am one of those crazily obsessed Breaking Bad people. And yes, I am 'stealing' a Breaking Bad tagline for my blog title, but what the hell, it applies. I'm mourning in my own way...

Whether we want to admit it or not, food-- (un)cooking (and baking, entirely) is a science. And there is an inherent chemistry that exists between carefully chosen ingredients that when combined, either make or break our chosen meal; much like when certain chemicals are combined they garner different types of chemical reactions. Some, result in an explosion (of flavor), while others fall flat and require tweaking until all the right proportions have been reached.

Luckily, as plant-based enthusiasts, what we are starting off with (organic, whole foods) tastes pretty darn good already-- so, for us, it's more about the synergy of our ingredients.

A good sandwich or wrap, specifically of the gluten-free, vegan, & raw variety epitomizes perfect chemistry; a synergistic pop of flavor where, say, the tomato juice mixes with your chosen sauce and dribbles down your chin just a little. Ya, chem-is-try!

Enter, my bread-less sammie of choice, the portobello. Honestly, it doesn't get more straight forward than this, except, for maybe a collard wrap, but even that requires some handy covert wrapping skillz. It's so literally just two portobellos, cleaned and stuffed with your most favorite ingredients.

I should tell you that I marinated my portobellos in the leftover soaking water from my sun-dried tomatoes. And then dehydrated them for about two hours. This is not necessary at all, but, I like how it changes the texture - making it more chewy...kind of like real bread.

Look at me, so very put together...and so very delicious!

 Like an open book...a friggin' tasty one, am I right?! 

Heirloom tomato, thinly sliced zucchini that was dehydrated overnight, & sun-dried tomato with oregano. On the flip side: red leaf lettuce & a sun-dried tomato and mango sauce with a touch of basil and oregano 

Ta da! She cleans up nicely, no?

But if you are aiming for a no-fuss sammie, I suggest you opt for the ever popular, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-stuffed-inside-romaine-hearts-sub. If you are traveling, and trying to stay raw, THIS should be your go-to meal. If you are trying out a plant-based RAW diet and miss your bread, THIS is what you should be eating. If you like food AT ALL, THIS is what you should be eating! It's BOMB-IN'!

Romaine hearts stuffed with heirloom tomato, champagne mango, zucchini, sun-dried tomato, scallion, & red bell pepper. No sauce necessary for me because the ingredients meld together perfectly, creating their own chin-dribblingly wonderful sauce. 

Frankly, Nature has her 'ish' together. She knows what she's doing by giving us these perfect little vessels with which to enjoy her bounty. Not to get crazy cosmic-ish on you, but seriously, we are species-specific eaters and that means we were designed to eat ripe, juicy, whole, plant-foods as such. 

It doesn't matter how raw we are, 50%-99.9%, what matters is that we are adding more fruits and vegetables to our current diet and thus, over time, gradually, cutting out nasties like meat, dairy, and processed, refined foods. Changing up your sandwich by replacing the meat with a really hardy heirloom, beefsteak tomato or exchanging your mayo for a creamy tahini sauce, or even just stuffing a head of lettuce with your favorite veggies is an excellent way to start! 

Seriously, #RespectTheChemistry, & eat sandwiches like these!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Raw Vegan Sorbet

Sorry if this seems redundant, but I've really been loving my soft serve ice kreams as of late. And who doesn't love ice kream? Cool, sweet, light & airy-- It's like infinite possibilities of deliciousness in a bowl.
I've always been kind of an ice cream freak. At the height of my disordered eating I could and would polish off a pint for lunch and then two or three bowls of "low carb" ice cream after dinner. In my eyes, low carb meant no impact. (Fat? Calories? Hahhaha!)

And if you weren't previously aware, even though I did give a nod to this in my previous ice kream post, here's why you should chose NOT to eat dairy:

 Dairy is perhaps one of the most deleterious foods. Despite all the hype, dairy is NOT good for building "strong bones." When metabolized, dairy is extremely acid-forming and your body actually has to release calcium from your bones to re-alkalize (counter-act the acidity) which over time causes osteoporosis. Dairy also packs a pretty fatty punch to the gut as it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat; heart disease anyone? Not to mention, it's like pure mucous- which can present a whole new host of problems from allergies, colds, fevers, ear-infections to eczema, acne, digestive distress, inflammation, and even type 1 diabetes.

No thank you! I don't know about you, but the mere mention of mucous, can turn me away from anything! And that's why plant-based ice kreams are the BOMB! You can get all that creamy, soft-whipped lightness of  dairy-laden soft serve without the fat, puss, and degenerative diseases that come with eating conventional dairy.

Now onto the goods, ahhh, summer fruit abundance!

Peaches and nectarines are finally in season and they have been awesome sauce; Hence their inclusion in just about all my ice kream dinners as of late!

 So, here it goes- 'scream on fruity friends!

Mango Peach Swirl 
with Freeze Dried Raspberries

Raspberry & Strawberry Kream
topped w. Frozen Raspberries

 Blueberry Raspberry & Mango Nectarine
 topped with Frozen Blueberries

 'Kookies & Kream' Banana Soft Serve

Let me tell you, seriously, there is nothing better than this. Guilt-free, cruelty-free, and readily affordable -- fruit-based ice kreams will transform your notion of traditional "ice cream" and you'll be wondering what took you so long!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quit Caffeine with This Coffee Replacement!



 Vanilla Hemp Milk


Stevia Sweet Drops




The best night time (or any time really) sweet summer treat! Like Starbucks without having to hand over your wallet! 


 Ironically, this just happens to be in a Starbucks mug, oops! 

Back in the good old days (er, high school and into college pre-vegan) I used to spend a pretty penny on frequent jaunts to Sbucks. Their frappes were delicious and the caffeine plus the loads of sugar kept me addicted and coming back for more...and more..and yes, sadly -- more. These babies were like full meals! I dreamed about them. 

Fortunately, there are quality replacements like Teeccino which make being coffee-free a breeze! No post-coffee crash, no-dehydration, no-adrenal fatigue-- win, win, win! 

So drop the crappy frap and try this as a replacement instead! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transform Your Salads

Salad is subjective; from the dressing to the individual components, my salad may very well not be your salad.

Truth be told, I'd really all but abandoned salads for the most part, preferring zucchini or cucumber pasta as my entree of savory delight. It isn't that I don't love salads, I'm a raw vegan, to not LOVE salad would be blasphemous! (It's bad enough I'm kind of anti-kale, lest it be the chip. I tried to like it, but it gets caught in my throat and feels like what I can only imagine a hair ball feels like to a cat.) It's just that salad can often be...boring..and unless you have a really maj. dressing it can often leave one feeling unsatisfied. (Most certainly if one is new to this way of eating. Substantiality is key!)

In the world of clean-eating we learn that the less crap we saturate our bodies with whether it be processed food, meat, dairy, dyes, artificial sweeteners, salt, spices, oils, vinegars, etc. the more we can taste the "real-ness" of the food we eat. And it's true, which is ultimately kind of scary, in that -"holy ish THIS is what {insert said food} tastes like"-kind of way.

This may or may not quantify as food snobbery, but to know how good a head of lettuce can taste or to be able to differentiate between the varieties of tomatoes, albeit be able to enjoy them alone, WITH NOTHING ON THEM, is something very special.

And while I have learned to appreciate and enjoy the taste of food prepared simply, with minimal ingredients, dressings are still important. Personally, I love me a good creamy dressing-- tahini, always being my fav. but these days I've been leaning more towards creamy, overt-fat-free dressings.

Enter, the most amazing salad of my life. Literally, transcendent.

Spinach & Arugula Salad w. Celery Banana Dressing and Fig "Cheeze"

I chose spinach for its earthy taste and paired it with arugula which has a nice peppery bite that also balances out the sweetness from the dressing and the fig "Cheeze"

3 ripe spotty bananas
4 stalks of celery
Sprig of fresh dill, optional

{OK, before you click out of the blog because you're like, "bananas?? Dressing??? Wth is this girl on?! TRY IT!! It will blow your mind! This was the first time I used this combo and I couldn't believe it took me this long to try it. It is awesome sauce, most definitely for those of us who either A. Are addicted to fatty, creamy, oil based dressings or B. Have a hard time letting go of salad drenched in dairy and cheese. The banana is so creamy and the celery offers that nice punch of natural sodium making for an exceptionally delicious pair. Plus, you add your herbs and your set. Simple and tasty!)

Blend the bananas and celery until creamy and smooth. Then pulse in the dill or whatever herb you choose. Pour over greens and mix until all leaves are fully coated with the dressing.

Fig "Cheeze":
Process 1 cup of soft, dried figs in your food processor until it becomes a paste. Form into little balls or just leave as a paste and spoon into salad whe ready to use.

The sweet, peppery, earthy combination of greens plus fruit will literally transform your idea of what salad can be. It's a gem. It's delicious, full of healthy carbs, sodium, protein, and plant-powered sugars that will properly give you the energy you need and ultimately, leave you feeling satisfied.

For a slight variation, add in some more chopped bananas and a swirl of date sauce like I did!

Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Make Raw Vegan Banana Ice Cream

There is nothing more perfect than a bunch of ripe bananas, sunning on a window sill all spotty and friggin' awesome, begging to be turned into a big ol' bowl of creamy sweet banana ice cream.

God, I love ice cream. Always have, always will. But common, "real" ice cream (if we can call it that, because...no, no, I'm not going to go there with the graphic verbalization of what milk, cream, etc. actually is. I'll spare you, THIS time...it's a food post after all..) is soooo sup-par and it will never, ever love you the way you love it. Yes, ice cream of the barn yard variety, is an unrequited love story of sorts.

To which you should console yourself with some banana ice cream in all its many variations! Banana ice cream will love you back! Promise!

'Nanner ice cream is kinda like that though, it will never make you mucous-y, or give you acne or that inflamed skin rash that no one can pronounce but we know Kim Kardashian has. Nor will it cause sinus infections or strep throat or any of the other nasty afflictions that spawn from dairy consumption.

So here it is, in all it's glory, the one (the many)--

The Ice Cream:
7-10 spotty ripe bananas
Vanilla bean (powder)

Process your bananas In whatever manner you like; high-powered blender, food processor, champion juicer, hand blender.

Put back in the freezer until ready to eat. Especially if you haven't made the date caramel yet.

Date Caramel Sauce (Aka the how to get people to worship at your feet..sauce):

1lb. Of preferably fresh dates of your choosing
Coconut water, adjusted for desired thickness

Ok, so, I like to use a variety of my favorite dates like bahri, blonde, halaway, etc. and I pit/soak them in coconut water overnight (you can use any kind of coconut water, but the one that makes it taste like friggin' god is Amy & Brian's Coconut Juice- seriously, it's like marshmallow whip. I die.)

But, fear not, if you don't have time to soak them you can just blend them up with the coconut water and it will be just as good.

Serve it up! Ahhh, bliss!

I spoon on gross amounts of date caramel sauce as well as mixing it in. I'm not going to apologize either. I love my sugar and I love my carbs and the best thing about living a whole food lifestyle is that you never have to sacrifice or be a slave to calories and moderation.

The important thing to note is that the carbs and sugar I'm loading up on are fruit-based and not artificial or processed in any way. Remember, your brain runs on sugar (glycogen) and everything you eat needs to be broken down into sugar so that way it can be utilized as energy aka fuel. Why not go easy on your body and just give it the healthy whole food sugar it requires??

Besides, the caramel tastes like marshmallow graham crackers. And you can eat this for breakfast.. Or lunch...or dinner. Mind.Blown.

And then of course, I top it off with black and white mulberries. If you haven't tried black mulberries, get some. They are sweet, yet tart. And remind me of Berry Berry Kix.

And when I'm feeling really wild (ha ha) I like to get a little cray cray and mix in some carob with all my sauce-y 'nanner business. Which looks a little something like THIS:

Just follow the same instructions for making banana ice cream, but add some carob for a chocolate-y twist!

I've always been a Swirl kind of girl so I only mixed a bit with carob.

There are endless variations to banana ice cream! Be creative and "indulge" yourself without every having to feel guilty.

Food guilt is for the birds.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Evolution of The Cookie

Sweet, chewy, and dense. Tastebuds ablaze, THIS is the trifecta of what I deem, 'The Perfect Cookie', from vegan to raw to ultra fruitarian raw, the trifecta must remain in harmony and balance; the combinations endless.

Being that I personally do better with no nuts, as fat + sugar for me = death {e.g. Candida, bloating, and a bunch of other science-y reasons that will most likely send you for a snooze! ...for which you could just eat one of my cookies...}-- these cookies are just a mish-mash of my favorite dried fruits. However, (puts on super nerd glasses) adding a tablespoon or two of walnuts, pecans, or pumpkin seeds would be a suitable option, while still maintaining a 10% fat to carb to protein ratio.


In a food processor you will want to pulse together the following ingredients, until all are fully combined, but leaving some visible chunks, which will add more texture/bite:

-Dried Figs (this is your base so fig-it-up, but feel free to use dates as the base or even raisins!)
-Dried Banana
-Hunza Golden Raisins
-Dried Longon (love these! If you haven't tried them, do so! Your cookies will taste just as good without them though.)
-Few dashes of cinnamon

Remove your "dough" and form into cookie shapes. I like to roll mine in mulberries that I have pulsed in the food processor to make a crumble.

Then, perhaps the best part, take 1-2 dates, pitted, and smoosh (yes, this is a very technical culinary term, I know) them on top of the cookie. Because I usually only get fresh dates* they are easy to smooth out over the cookie. See picture for visual aid.

This also makes your cookie look a bit rustic and that's typically my style. Rustic, in my opinion, equals personality. Or this could just be my convenient excuse for not caring whether or not my food looks visually appealing...

*(www.7hotdates.com Bautista Organic Date Farm -the best dates you will ever eat in your life! By the way, I'm talking ooey-gooey, life-altering flavor profiles that range from sweet to salty to caramel-y...just buy them come September 2013!!)

Either way these cookies are pretty damn amazing and you will quiver with delight as you slowly devour each scrumptious bite.

((Chew on that description Bon Appetite!!))