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Monday, March 25, 2013

Evolution of The Cookie

Sweet, chewy, and dense. Tastebuds ablaze, THIS is the trifecta of what I deem, 'The Perfect Cookie', from vegan to raw to ultra fruitarian raw, the trifecta must remain in harmony and balance; the combinations endless.

Being that I personally do better with no nuts, as fat + sugar for me = death {e.g. Candida, bloating, and a bunch of other science-y reasons that will most likely send you for a snooze! ...for which you could just eat one of my cookies...}-- these cookies are just a mish-mash of my favorite dried fruits. However, (puts on super nerd glasses) adding a tablespoon or two of walnuts, pecans, or pumpkin seeds would be a suitable option, while still maintaining a 10% fat to carb to protein ratio.


In a food processor you will want to pulse together the following ingredients, until all are fully combined, but leaving some visible chunks, which will add more texture/bite:

-Dried Figs (this is your base so fig-it-up, but feel free to use dates as the base or even raisins!)
-Dried Banana
-Hunza Golden Raisins
-Dried Longon (love these! If you haven't tried them, do so! Your cookies will taste just as good without them though.)
-Few dashes of cinnamon

Remove your "dough" and form into cookie shapes. I like to roll mine in mulberries that I have pulsed in the food processor to make a crumble.

Then, perhaps the best part, take 1-2 dates, pitted, and smoosh (yes, this is a very technical culinary term, I know) them on top of the cookie. Because I usually only get fresh dates* they are easy to smooth out over the cookie. See picture for visual aid.

This also makes your cookie look a bit rustic and that's typically my style. Rustic, in my opinion, equals personality. Or this could just be my convenient excuse for not caring whether or not my food looks visually appealing...

*(www.7hotdates.com Bautista Organic Date Farm -the best dates you will ever eat in your life! By the way, I'm talking ooey-gooey, life-altering flavor profiles that range from sweet to salty to caramel-y...just buy them come September 2013!!)

Either way these cookies are pretty damn amazing and you will quiver with delight as you slowly devour each scrumptious bite.

((Chew on that description Bon Appetite!!))

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  1. NICE!!! Mulberry fig cookies sounds amazing, thank you for this recipe!!