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Monday, August 27, 2012

Milky's Vegan Fro-yo

   Dear Foodies,

        It's Monday, and I'm ready to review- as promised in my last post.

On Saturday Kev and I took a little trip to the darling little Jewish neighborhood of "So-Ro" or South Robertson (I half love/hate how every neighborhood in  So Cal (see..) is abbreviated now, like South Robertson is just sooo impossibly long that we have to shorten it or something. ?) in LA to indulge in what we hoped would be some tush-kicking fro-yo.

I should mention that Milky's fro-yo is ALL gluten-free, parve, and kosher. Yips!

Ohhh Milky's, how you delivered and more! Creamy, delicious, subtlety sweet, and surprisingly not permeated by the overwhelming taste of soy. Bleh.

Yes, I conveniently ignored forgot that in the list of ingredients that was emailed to me, soy milk was used. And it was only after looking at the card on the ice cream machine that I realized that it did contain soy.

Honestly, I'm not opposed to soy as long as it's organic. However, if you've been a veggie for quite some time now, you understand that soy often becomes the dominant 'flavor', if you will, when used in ice creams or yogurts...a flavor that I personally, am not too fond of.  As a raw vegan, I typically avoid soy in all forms anyway, but for Milky's and hello, fro-yo? I was willing to make an exception.

On the day we went there were four vegan flavors: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Berry, and Original. And two non-dairy sorbets: Mango and Coconut.

I got the ginormous sized fro-yo cup, because obvi. I planned on loading up, duh. And began my trip to sweet fro-yo land!

Unfortunately, the peanut butter was sold out. And the man at the front was seemingly MIA (I think he was trying to fix something in the bathroom..?) so I wasn't able to ask what made the sorbets only non-diary vs. the fro-yo that was vegan. I tried the chocolate first and was pleasantly surprised. Chocolate yogurt always seems like a great idea in theory, but often does not deliver upon consumption. This chocolate fro-yo was delish! In fact, they all were!  The texture was very smooth and perhaps this is a characteristic of fro-yo that I was unaware of, but it was actually quite pillow-y and light -- it just melted in your mouth. As I said above, it was not clawing-ly sweet but, each flavor could stand on it's own and definitely had a lovely deep/rich quality about it.

The toppings bar had a few vegan options like vegan graham cracker crumbles, almonds, vegan chocolate carob chips,and vegan grape nuts and an array of fruit. I was just pleased to see that they offered anything! Also, I believe they use Newman's Own Oreos, but I would triple check on that one. Perhaps, if desperate, you could bring your own, which isn't a bad idea.. The fruit I would say needed a little help. The mango was very unripe and they are definitely using frozen fruit vs. fresh, but as it is a choice - I could have just not gotten any at all, but alas, I did.


I opted for the original and the berry and topped my fro-yo with kiwis, raspberries, and strawberries. It was the perfect combination! My husband, got a swirl of chocolate and original and topped his with vegan graham cracker crumbles and carob chips. Nom nom nom, for sure! Graham cracker + chocolate = couldneverEVERtastebad. It reminds me of those banana and chocolate pudding pies with the graham cracker crust that I used to make pre-vegan.

The price? .39 cents per pound and our total came out to about $14 dollars. From what I have seen, that's about standard for fro-yo and considering the weight of the fruit I put on, it makes sense.

 Overall, Milky's is a hella awesome addition to our ever expanding bubble of vegan delights in the LA metro area!


  1. I just want to say that as vegans we're fucking awesome.

  2. love Milky's! actually tastes healthy + delicious!