Our idea of what constitutes "food" in American culture has become so skewed that it is almost unrecognizable. Our supermarkets are packed with products whose ingredients include unpronounceable chemicals, dyes, bacteria, and growth hormones. They are irradiated without our consent and contain GMOs.It's time to bring back FOOD. Pure unadulterated organic RAW food.This blog is a documentation of my continuing journey on a plant-based lifestyle.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curl through the wide fence cracks...

I've been listening to the New Moon Soundtrack on a continuous loop for, oh, a week-ish now (Ok, there's definately some Gaga thrown in there too); told you I was obsessed. It's a good soundtrack though -- so much indie splendor I can hardly contain myself. That being said, blog titles reflect nothing more than what I've been listening too.

As I mentioned in Monday's post, we've been hella busy around here.

B's (my one of ten trillion nicknames for Kev. B is short for Bubbie or Bubbles, depending on my mood at the time. There is no rhyme or reason, we just make sh!t up as we go along, really.) been really busy with Grad. school final projects:

One of MANY drafts of  the mixed-use community he designed. 

He's been hitting the books ( or well, the drawing pad?) and the Lara Bars pretty hard these days.

My future mother-in-law sent us these for Valentine's Day. (Thanks Mom/Dad W. Always looking out for us!)

And we've had to wake up at ghastly hours on Saturdays to hit the farmers market before Kev has to be to work and I head to yoga. Check out the goods: 

Most of this went to make Fermented Veggies. They turned out rediculously fantastic. I've seriously put this off for-ev-er because I was really intimidated by the whole process. I suppose it was a fear of messing up or making a mistake, like my veggies not actually fermenting leaving me with 5 lbs of wasted vegetable mush. I did some youtube research and ultimately followed the directions per the Pure2Raw Twins and despite the fact that my kitchen looked like a murder scene when I was through, it was really easy to do! Other videos made this look really complicated and would have required me to purchase special equipment in order to seemingly facilitate proper fermentation (this is probably the reason why I was so intimidated). Yet, the girls make their kraut in something as standard as a large mixing bowl with another large mixing bowl pressed on top!

As a result of the business at La Maison de M.-W.  last week (or maybe it was two weeks, they've started to seriously blend together) we ate A LOT of salads...like five-six days in a row, which may seem excessive, but the this salad was realllly good.

Red leaf lettuce, mushrooms, pears, and alternating varities of roasted squash (acorn & butternut) with an Orange-Ginger Vinegarette.

Squash and sweet potatos are pretty much the only non-raw foods that I eat. This was a total experimentation per my ever-sensitive digestive system. Up until recently, I couldn't even eat salad, let alone something as simple as plain, COOKED squash without getting an upset stomach and indigestion. Maybe it was the way I prepared it? (Low temp. with LOTS of ginger) I had no adverse reaction, not even the typical fatigue that I thought would follow. I was doing a lot of reading about food combining at the time and read that pairing starch or cooked food with greens helps digestion immensely, so, I think that probably contributed to the ease in digestion. I really love squash/sweet potatos so to discover that I can now tolerate them made me a very happy little lady!

When I ran out of squash I topped our salads with Zucc Mac N'Cheeze Casserole and Homemade Garlic Tahini:

To make the "casserole" I just uniformly pressed the zucc mac and cheese into a glass pie "pan" (it's not really a pan, but I am at a loss for the correct word!) with a fork and dehydrated it at 110 degrees for maybe an hour to an hour and a half. The top gets kind of crunchy-ish while the underneathe portion of the zucchini remains super creamy; ugh, SOO yum. Zucchini is really the ultimate veg for raw foodists in my opinion. It is so versitile and has the ability to take on so many different flavor profiles. I'd be totally lost without my zuccs!

I've been staying afloat thanks to my ten thousand gazillion trillion green smoothie combos:

...seriously, the possibilites are endless...

This mean-green smoothie machine was topped with Bee Pollen that I picked up from my new fav. health food store in L.A., Rainbow Acres.

 And I cannot get through the week without at least one soup..heavy on the Nori and Nutritional Yeast please!

Dill-licious Creamy Avo & Cucumber Soup
::le sigh:: I ate this while watching Twilight the first time.

A melage of cucs, zuccs, celery, spinach, organic red miso, nutritional yeast, garlic, green onion, lemon juice, avo, parsley and LOTS of dill. This is my favourite soup. No matter what I put in, it always turns out shamefully delicious. It's like the can-do-no-wrong soup of all soups!

Honestly, this work crazy-ness really doesn't stress me out anymore. I guess because none of this ever seems like work to me and yoga helps keep me grounded and centered for sure. Making food is really the only thing that has ever made me happy; I feel like it gives me purpose. I suppose we all have our "thing" and this is mine...


  1. Hi there!
    Fermenting is fun and addicting! Super yummy stuff. All of your eats look so dlish! I totally agree on the zuccs being a staple in the raw diet. Been trying to keep things simple lately (so I don't veer)... wish I had your talents. Yum, yum! :)

  2. Your zuke mac n'cheese looks yummy! And mmm mmm on sweet potatoes. Glad you found a way to enjoy them w/o penalty! I like mine with some coconut oil, S&P. :) You know, I don't have the Twilight soundtrack but LOVE the music from it. I'll load it up on pandora. And hey are the twins so great? So helpful!

  3. Wow, everything looks great. I can't give up cooked sweet potatoes either. I love them, but they upset my stomach raw.

  4. thanks for the comments on my yoga strength...i was not a naturally flexible or strong person, it's been 10 yrs in the making of a daily yoga practice and just learning, keeping at it, and taking small steps and after 10 yrs, you can see the results :)

    and yes girl it's so freakin hot here alreayd. i am ready go get the eff outta here! We are looking at all kinds of options to sell this house and when i do, blogger meetup time!!!!

    and I LOL'ed bout the dehyd'ing crackers in your 114F garage...how true!

    your eats look great, of course! muah!xoxo