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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Exercising The Demons

Pour me a cup of MSM-ed Watermelon Juice and let's call it a day because I seriously (well, we really, but I don't think Kev would be doing this if it wasn't for me anyway...) must be a masochist. I've got one exception in life when it comes to reaching far..far..beyond my threshold for pain and being uncomfortable and that's the sweaty suffering of exercise.

I, however, am not a fan of lingering pain...especially involving my ankles and shins..

This jello-ing of my limbs was brought on by none other than LA's Runyon Canyon perched high in the Hollywood Hills. Apparently, though I have yet to spot one, a lot of celebrities exercise there. After a feast of delicious vanilla cake-esque coconut date rolls and 20 minutes of searching for parking Kev and I made our way to the base of the Canyon:

Let me just say that walking up the street alone to get to the entrance is a workout in and of itself; the hills are insanely steep. So much for Sunday being my Bikram-only rest day...I was dripping sweat after five minutes and my heart was nearly beating out of my chest. We only walked up, but a good portion of the people were running.

Runyon obliterated my ankles..and my shins...and my knees for almost an entire week; I think it was the going down part vs. up that did it since the path we took down was semi-stairs and extraordinarily steep. I was doing double Bikrams for extra stretching because it was the only thing that made them feel better.

Yet, in true A. fashion Kev and I went back to Runyon this Sunday. I know, I'm totally asking for it...

half-way up..

and this is why my extremities turned to jello...

and how Kev got rid of his farmer's tan...

while I stopped for a photograph break with the agave plant behind me...

When we were about 1/2 a mile-1 mile from the very top of Runyon we passed by this loverly little animal sanctuary with two horses and a goat that had been rescued. I used to ride horses and they're my favourite animal. No dogs or cats for me, I'm holding out for my own horse.

My ankles and shins don't hurt nearly as bad as they did last week so I guess muscle memory is kicking in...

Hope you all had a fantastic week. I'll be back tomorrow to share some weekend eats.


  1. Haha, I always read about celebs at Runyon. Sounds like a beast to me! :) Hope your soreness goes away soon!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Runyon. It looks beautiful! Glad your shins are feeling better after the second time.

  3. Phew! I'm sore and worn out just from reading this post. ha ha! I jest! Congrats on doing it, even if you're a glutton by going again! Hope you're recovered and doing well. Love the horse pic - horses are so beautiful.

  4. Hey girl-girl,
    I'm sooo lovin' the pics and the ones you posted to FB. Runyon canyon looks like a great hike. May need to convince the hub to get out that way one wknd and motor up that hill with the tots...looks amazingly beautiful up there. Hope you've been enjoying your weekend..& hopefully your muscles have rested by now! ;)