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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fevering Something Wicked

This past weekend was my 24th birthday, my first away from home. And just like clock work my body goes through its three month detox. I always know it is coming: I am plagued by a precursor of neasea and no taste for food, i.e. this past week and the fact that NOTHING seemed appetizing. And then Friday, around 5:00 am someone called Kevin's phone and we both woke up. And I was like, "Wow, my throat really hurts and I am positive I have a fever." Yup, it's here! Right in time for my birthday! It wipes me out; my eyes feel heavy, I get a runny nose, (tell tail sign of detox, it's like a faucet! pardon, TMI) and my head feels like it is going to burst.

The reason why I call this detox is because, as I mentioned, it comes like clockwork for me. I've been raw for 2 years and vegan even longer, but I ate meat, diary, processed food, etc. for 15 + years of my life. That stuff doesn't go away over night just because you choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It takes YEARS for all of that accumulated waste to break down and be released. You just have to accept it and understand that your body is just doing its job and since you do follow a healither lifestyle it will not last that long. Mine usually last 3 days max.

I also should note, no matter how sick I am -- fever and all, I exercise. Sweating is the best way to aid the detoxification process since most toxins are released through the skin. Saturday and Sunday, despite feeling like I just wanted to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing, I got off my tush and took it to 10 am Bikram. I am not going to lie, that class on Saturday was far from fun and wonderful. It was extraordinarily hot/humid (perhaps because of my fever) and I felt like death, but I did every pose and tried to put the illness out of my mind. Yoga really helps with that. I still felt pretty crappy on Saturday, but I could definately feel the difference post-yoga. It broke up a lot of mucous and whereas I was stuffed up before, my nose started to run a lot. (Good sign, toxins releasing!) Sunday, my head still felt like a ballon, but again I went to yoga and it turned out to be one of my best classes! I wouldn't reccommend doing anything like running 10 miles outside when you are sick, but something like hot yoga where you are sure to be moving toxins out of the body via sweat is the perfect exercise when you are sick and detoxing. Maybe you cannot do every pose PERFECTLY, but when is anyone EVER able to do that?? Certainly, even on my best days, one is always tweaking their practice! Everyday is different, work with your body, regardless of it's present state. I just know that when I sweat, it helps move the detox along a lot faster.

P.S. Make sure you drink A LOT - to rehydrate AND once again, to move everything through the body. Tis VERY important!

On the food front, I went to Native Foods for the first time on Friday. Kevin speaks of them constantly, espousing their vegan pizza and its similiarity to Panera's. I had their Aztec Salad sans toasted pumpkin seeds and quinoa. It is romaine lettuce with this awesome mango dressing and jicama salsa. Sooo flavourful and light! I love fruity kind of salads that have that savoury and sweet combination. I re-created it at home last night except, I changed it up a bit of course. And I made a regular tomato salsa as well and added pineapple and cucumber to the jicama salsa. It was amazing and totally broke my food rut. I also made Kev a sweet mango and whole grain mustard dressing for his salads. Very tasty.

I got a new camera and I am still trying to figure it out which is why there has been a lacking in my food pictures. I'll be posting them as soon. Until then, here is a link to some pictures from my Holidays Gone Raw class.

I am teaching a Raw Food Start-up this Saturday (Jan. 16th and 23rd) a two part class and there is still time to sign up!

Holidays Gone Raw Pictures

Food Today:
3 cups of fresh leaf peppermint tea steeped with vanilla bean, 1 t. stevia, and almond milk

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