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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Does My Tecchino Always Taste Burnt?

Try as I might, lately, my tecchinos always tastes like burning rather than the vanilla nut or almond ameretto it is supposed to resemble. Is it the french press? I think so my friends. Of course, it could never be my fault.

I've come to this conclusion because whenever I order tecchino from the Whole Foods coffee bar it also tastes burnt. Weird. It could also just be stale. Alton Brown tells me that storing coffee in the freezer to preserve it's freshness is really a lie! So much for that and the warm, mid-afternoon 'cup of joe' I was joansing for.

Unfortunately, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to charge my camera. It is this lithium battery contraption that I have never seen before! I am far from being electronically-literate, but I can usually figure this nonsense out. Not this time!!  I have, however, figured out how to upload the photos!

While I am confident in my skillz in the kitchen, I am perhaps the worlds worst food photogropher. Somehow, food that tastes so good, always looks far from appetizing on camera. (If anyone wants to come and take  pretty pictures of my food in exchange for culinary delights, I would gladly oblige!) Anyway, that's my disclaimer...

(Chocolate Almond Butter Pie from Sun Power Natural Cafe in Studio City, CA) Loooveee it.

I mentioned this pie in a previous post. Thought I would grace you with a photo.

They give you really big dessert portions. Bigger than any raw food restaurant I have ever been too. And their prices (this slice was $7 dollars) are very reasonable. B and I split this and we were stuffed at the end.

Would have liked to eat this with my tecchino that actually TASTED like tecchino. Oh well, I will live. I am due for a trip to TJs for frozen fruit and a trip to the 80s hovel of broken equipment gym. I do everything I hate others do at the gym: sing out loud, blast my music, and attemp to "punch it out" all while on the eliptical looking for recipes to modify for my classes. Fear not, there is never anyone else there since Newport Village "gym" consists of a mildly functioning eliptical, a sit bike that clicks to the point where you want to jab yourself in the eyes, and a dated stair master that randomly starts counting down despite the fact that no one is on it. Aside from the guy who sits by the hot tub all day with his box o' wine cooler, I doubt anyone can see me.

On that note, it's high time I get back to work and off the computer.

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